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Issue 30 (December 2011)

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- From the Editorial Board – information and acknowledgments

Daniel Chlastawa - The modal status of mathematical statements (in Polish)

Tomasz Kubalica - Ernst Cassirer and Nelson Goodman on the problem of cognition (in Polish)

Zbigniew Sareło - Dr House - a Nietzschean model of the aesthetization of morality (in Polish)

Adriana Schetz - The so-called problem of simple minds (in Polish)

Uwe Steinhoff - The guerrilla strikes back: a comment on Yvonne Chiu

Jakub Bożydar Wi¶niewski - Irreducible Holism

Bartosz Żukowski - Berkeley’s doctrine of existence. A linguistic approach (in Polish)

Wiesław Żyznowski - About entrepreneurs. On the basis of the thought of Veblen and Sombart (in Polish)

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