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Diametros indexed by the Web of Science


We are happy to inform that Diametros will be indexed by the Web of Science (WoS) Core Collection. The coverage of the journal in the WoS will be initiated with content published in 2016 and continue forward.

Posted: 2016-07-12

Enlightenment and Secularism

Diametros invites contributions to a special issue dedicated to the topic "Enlightenment and Secularism". Authors are encouraged to address the question to what extent the Enlightenment critiques and new conceptions of religion have shaped the modern secular age. Deadline for submissions: 1 February 2017.   
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Ethics and Uncertainty


Diametros welcomes contributions for a special issue on "Ethics and Uncertainy" as well as an International Essay Prize Competition. The aim of this special issue is to encourage philosophers to rethink the current paradigm in ethics by redirecting discussions about ethical questions to problems involving uncertainty. Deadline for submissions: 1 February 2017. The expected date of publication of the special issue: September or December 2017. 

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Equality and Decency in Healthcare


We invite submissions to a special issue dedicated to the topic: "Equality and Decency in Healthcare". The issue will focus on two normative concepts related to healthcare: the idea of equal access to healthcare and the notion of decent minimum of healthcare. Deadline for submissions: December 15, 2016.

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Diametros 49 (September 2016)

Table of Contents


Solidarity in Healthcare – the Challenge of Dementia PDF
Aleksandra Małgorzata Głos 1-26
Herbert Marcuse vs Michel Foucault. On How Outsiders Changed the Western Culture in the 1960s and the 1970s (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Markus Lipowicz 27-49
Philosophical Usage of the History of Philosophy – A Proposal for a Functional Typology PDF
Maria Marcinkowska-Rosół 50-67
In Defence of Type-A Materialism PDF
Roberto Horácio Sá Pereira 68-83
The Psychoanalysis of Life, or Gaston Bachelard’s Reading of The Songs of Maldoror (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Marta Ples-Bęben 84-102
The Problem of Possibility and Necessity in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Andrzej Słowikowski 103-120
The Risk of Equal Positive Liberty (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Andrzej Stoiński 121-138

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