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Call for papers: Thomas Aquinas' Theory of Conscience and Contemporary Debates on Conscientious Objection


Deadline: prolonged until 15th December 2015

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Diametros 45 (September 2015)

Table of Contents

Special Topic – Aristotelian Recources of Bioethics

Thinking About End of Life in Teleological Terms PDF
Paolo Biondi, Rachel Haliburton 1-18
Changing Kinds: Aristotle and the Aristotelians PDF
Stephen R. L. Clark 19-34
Necessity and the physicalist account in Aristotle’s Physics. Difficulties with the rainfall example PDF
Jarosław Olesiak 35-38
Aristotle and Principlism in Bioethics PDF
Joseph Cimakasky, Ronald Polansky 59-70

Other articles

ART and Age − Gender Stereotypes in Medical Students’ Views PDF
Anna Alichniewicz, Monika Michałowska 71-81
Two Models of Trust in Health Care (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Aleksandra Głos 82-106
Remarks on Grassmann’s Arithmetic (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Jerzy Hanusek 107-121
Constructivism in Metaethics: An Aristotelian Perspective (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Jacek Jaśtal 122-143
Habits and Customs in Herbert L.A. Hart’s Philosophy of Law (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Michał Zabdyr-Jamróz 144-164