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Call for papers: Thomas Aquinas' Theory of Conscience and Contemporary Debates on Conscientious Objection


Deadline: 15th September 2015

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Diametros 44 (June 2015)

Table of Contents

Special Topic - New medical technologies and basic healthcare

Funding Genetic Tests from Public Resources (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Olga Dryla 1-19
The Benefits of ART, or a Problem of Families and Children? Comments on the Proposed Amendments to the Law on Infertility Treatment – Sejm’s draft no 3245 (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Jadwiga Łuczak-Wawrzyniak, Joanna Agnieszka Haberko 20-44
The Role of a Technological Approach in the Contemporary Psychiatry (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Andrzej Kapusta 45-55
Reducing Organ Shortage. Active Donor Registration System as an Alternative to the Polish Opt-Out System (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Piotr Grzegorz Nowak 56-77
What Kind of Justice Can We Expect from a Medical Doctor? (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Marek Olejniczak 78-88
Informed Consent and Research Involving Human Biological Material (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Jakub Pawlikowski 89-109

Special Topic - Justice and Compassion – Hume’s Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Practical Ethics

Hume, Justice and Sympathy: A Reversal of the Natural Order? PDF
Sophie Botros 110-139
Why Compassion Still Needs Hume Today PDF
Margreet van der Cingel 140-152
David Hume: Unwitting Cosmopolitan? PDF
Edward W. Glowienka 153-172
Justice, Sympathy and the Command of our Esteem PDF
Jacqueline Taylor 173-188
Hume's Humanity and the Protection of the Vulnerable PDF
Ivana Zagorac 189-203


Solidarity in the legal frames PDF
Aleksandra Głos 204-222