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Call for papers: Aristotelian Resources for Bioethics.


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Call for papers: Thomas Aquinas' Theory of Conscience and Contemporary Debates on Conscientious Objection


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Call for papers: Justice and Compassion – Hume’s Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Practical Ethics


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Diametros 43 (March 2015)

Publication of the articles in the section "Solidarity and Justice in Health Care" has been financed from a research project, "Justice in Healthcare" (No. 2013/08/A/HS1/00079).

Table of Contents

Special Topic - Solidarity and Justice in Health Care

Solidarity and Justice in Health Care. A Critical Analysis of their Relationship PDF
Ruud ter Meulen 1-20
Response to Ruud ter Meulen PDF
Ruth Chadwick 21-27
Rescuing Solidarity from Its Carers. A Response to Professor ter Meulen PDF
Giovanni De Grandis 28-43
Just Solidarity: The Key to Fair Health Care Rationing PDF
Leonard M. Fleck 44-54
Solidarity: A Local, Partial and Reflective Emotion PDF
David Heyd 55-64
Solidarity and Health: A Public Goods Justification PDF
Patricia Illingworth, Wendy E. Parmet 65-71
Justice and Solidarity: Compound, Confound, Confuse PDF
Thomas Nys 72-78
The Veil of Ignorance and Solidarity in Healthcare: Finding Compassion in the Original Position PDF
Michał Zabdyr-Jamróz 79-95
Solidarity: Its Levels of Operation, Relationship to Justice, and Social Causes PDF
Wojciech Załuski 96-102

Other articles

Is the Apeiron a Substrate? The First Criticism of Anaximander’s Monism and Its Methodological Background (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Maria Marcinkowska-Rosół 103-117
Wittgenstein 1929-1930 – the Color Exclusion Problem (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Szymon Nowak 118-136
William James’ Ideomotor Theory of Action (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Adriana Schetz 137-157


Remarks on Barbara Tuchańska’s “Cultural Ontology” (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Marek Rosiak 158-170