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Call for papers: Aristotelian Resources for Bioethics


The editors of Diametros – An Online Journal of Philosophy invite papers on topics at the intersection of Aristotle’s ethics and contemporary practical ethics. Deadline: 30 June 2015.

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Call for papers: Thomas Aquinas' Theory of Conscience and Contemporary Debates on Conscientious Objection


We invite papers on Thomas Aquinas' theory of conscience until 15th June 2015

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Call for papers: Justice and Compassion – Hume’s Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Practical Ethics

We welcome papers on Hume and contemporary practical ethics until 31st March 2015.  
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Diametros 42 (December 2014)

Table of Contents

Special Topic - Cross sections of bioethics

Methodology in Bioethics (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Barbara Chyrowicz 1-28
The Information Provided by DNA Tests: An Overview of Issues (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Olga Dryla 29-56
Health as a Human Right (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Włodzimierz Galewicz 57-82
Solidarity in Bioethics Today. Classical Problems, New Challenges (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Aleksandra Małgorzata Głos 83-105
Justice in Health Care from the Perspectives of the Various Theories of Liberal Egalitarianism (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Maciej Juzaszek 106-123
Ethics in Psychotherapy (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Katarzyna Marchewka 124-149
Ethical Issues in Transplantation. Perspective of Organ Shortage (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Piotr Grzegorz Nowak 150-177
David Heyd’s Generocentrism and the ‘(Pro)creation Epic’ (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Kazimierz Szewczyk 178-203
The New Liberal Eugenics: a Critical Review of Arguments against Biomedical Enhancement of Human Physical or Mental Capabilities (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Tomasz Żuradzki 204-226

Other articles

Schelling’s Philosophy as the Inspiration for Heidegger’s Concept of Being (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Ewa Opawska 247-261
A Critical Approach to the Dialectical Interpretation of Nagarjuna’s Philosophy (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Szymon Bogacz 227-246
Cultural Ontology: the Cultural Constitution of Being (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Barbara Tuchańska 262-289
The Truth of Literary Fiction in The Light of Paul Ricoeur’s Hermeneutics (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Anna Ziółkowska-Juś 290-313


Information and acknowledgments (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)