Between Ockhamism and the Thin Red Line

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Alex Peter Malpass


In this paper we will put forward a novel semantics for future contingents. The idea behind the semantics is to be a compromise position between the ‘Ockhamist’ semantics, first put forward by Prior [1966], Thomason [1970] etc., and a version of the Thin Red Line (TRL) semantics recently proposed by Malpass and Wawer [2012]. The new position is able to represent alternative possibilities in two different ways, as actual or counterfactual, which corresponds to a similar distinction in two-dimensional semantics between the primary and secondary intension. We prove a theorem about the notion of validity that results from the new definition, which in the context of the literature about TRL-theories and Ockhamism has some significance.
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Alex Peter Malpass, University of Bristol

Alex Peter Malpass, PhD
University of Bristol, UK
University of Bristol
Department of Philosophy
Cotham House
University of Bristol


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