Discrimination nonetheless. A reply to Krzysztof Saja (in Polish)

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Tomasz Sieczkowski


In this polemic, I present arguments against the conservative philosophical justification of family law. Christopher Saja included such arguments in his essay "Discrimination against same-sex couples" [Diametros 34 (2012)]. I argue that values such as human dignity, freedom, and equality are to be preferred to the difference in fertility that is exalted by him. I also believe that the shift of considerations proposed by the author from the level of ideological values to that of utilitarian benefits is not at all a "neutralization" of reasoning, as Saja would have it, but the replacement of one set of values (dignity, respect for difference, freedom) by another (mercantile, utilitarian, material).
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Tomasz Sieczkowski, University of Lodz

Tomasz Sieczkowski, PhD
University of Lodz
Department of Philosophy
ul. Kopcińskiego 16/18
Pl-90-232 Łódź
e-mail: tomasz.sieczkowski@gmail.com


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SIECZKOWSKI, T. Discrimination nonetheless. A reply to Krzysztof Saja (in Polish). Diametros, n. 36, p. 166-180, 1 jun. 2013.

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