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This journal website is currently under re-construction to meet OJS 3 standards. We apologize authors and readers for the inconvenience. Whole upgrading process will end before 14th of December.   

Early View in Diametros


The Diametros journal is pleased to announce the launch of Early View. Papers published in this section have been accepted for publication after peer review and passed through the editorial process, but as yet have not been assigned to an issue. Thanks to Early View, the time it takes to publish research in Diametros has been significantly reduced.


Enlightenment and Secularism


Diametros invites contributions to a special issue dedicated to the topic "Enlightenment and Secularism". Authors are encouraged to address the question to what extent the Enlightenment critiques and new conceptions of religion have shaped the modern secular age. Deadline for submissions: 1 February 2017. 

Ethics and Uncertainty


Diametros welcomes contributions for a special issue on "Ethics and Uncertainy" as well as an International Essay Prize Competition. The aim of this special issue is to encourage philosophers to rethink the current paradigm in ethics by redirecting discussions about ethical questions to problems involving uncertainty. Deadline for submissions: 15 February 2017. The expected date of publication of the special issue: September or December 2017.