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Diametros 2 (December 2004) Did Achilles really exist? (2) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Paweł Łuków
Diametros 16 (June 2008) Die Ideenschau im Dialog Phaidros (246d-249d) Abstract   PDF (Deutsch)
Małgorzata Bogaczyk-Vormayr
Diametros 37 (September 2013) Discrimination against gay marriages. A reply to Tomasz Sieczkowski (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Krzysztof Saja
Diametros 34 (December 2012) Discrimination against same-sex couples (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Krzysztof Saja
Diametros 36 (June 2013) Discrimination nonetheless. A reply to Krzysztof Saja (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Tomasz Sieczkowski
Diametros 3 (March 2005) Discussion about the text “What the mind is and how does exists” Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Robert Piłat
Diametros 14 (December 2007) Disjunctivism in perception Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Adriana Schetz
Diametros 2 (December 2004) Do there exist definitive philosophical arguments? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Stanisław Judycki
Diametros 2 (December 2004) Does Achilles die at Troy? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Włodzimierz Galewicz
Diametros 9 (September 2006) Does eco-aesthetics exist? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Krystyna Wilkoszewska
Diametros 38 (December 2013) Does God Intend Death? Abstract   PDF
Christopher Tollefsen
Diametros 31 (March 2012) Does the Liberal Archipelago really require no group rights? On the multiculturalism of Chandran Kukatha (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Michał Dudek
Diametros 4 (June 2005) Does the ontological argument prove the existence of God? (Remark concerning Prof. Stanisław Judycki’s dissertation) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Ireneusz Ziemiński
Diametros 13 (September 2007) Dogma. Does the conceptual scheme and uninterpreted content dualism make sense? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Filip Białek
Diametros 32 (June 2012) Donor rights in selected European population biobanks (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Jakub Pawlikowski
Diametros 4 (June 2005) Dopowiedzenie – na koniec Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Jacek Wojtysiak
Diametros 30 (December 2011) Dr House - a Nietzschean model of the aesthetization of morality (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Zbigniew Sareło
Diametros 17 (September 2008) Duch ludzki a historia u Diltheya Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Izabela Szyroka
Diametros 25 (September 2010) Dummett's Forward Road to Frege and to Intuitionism Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Jan Dejnožka
Diametros 33 (September 2012) Dynamis. Metaphysical Notion of Capacity and its Role in Aristotle’s Practical Philosophy (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Piotr Makowski
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