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Diametros 7 (March 2006) Contribution to the discussion: Man as a subject of behavior from a psychological perspective Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Józef Bremer
Diametros 53 (September 2017) Coping with Ethical Uncertainty Abstract   PDF
John R. Welch
Diametros 26 (December 2010) Critical decisions in neonatology and the guidelines to be applied (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Kazimierz Szewczyk
Diametros 5 (September 2005) Critical Rationalism in Ethics of Economic Life Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Wojciech Zieliński
Diametros 35 (March 2013) Critique, Emancipation, Ideology: Marxian Logic of Social Criticism Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Lotar Rasiński
Diametros 41 (September 2014) Cultural Ontology: an Outline of its Construction (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Barbara Tuchańska
Diametros 42 (December 2014) Cultural Ontology: the Cultural Constitution of Being (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Barbara Tuchańska
Diametros 6 (December 2005) Czy epistemologia jest nauką? Głos w dyskusji Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Andrzej Biłat
Diametros 2 (December 2004) Czy zen jest filozofią? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Beata Szymańska
Diametros 42 (December 2014) David Heyd’s Generocentrism and the ‘(Pro)creation Epic’ (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Kazimierz Szewczyk
Diametros 44 (June 2015) David Hume: Unwitting Cosmopolitan? Abstract   PDF
Edward W. Glowienka
Diametros 22 (December 2009) De re i de dicto Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Andrzej Cieśluk
Diametros 55 (March 2018) Death is a Biological Phenomenon Abstract   PDF
Don Marquis
Diametros 3 (March 2005) Deep naturalism (Reply to Urszula Żegleń) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Robert Poczobut
Diametros 55 (March 2018) Defining Death: Beyond Biology Abstract   PDF
John P. Lizza
Diametros 23 (March 2010) Dehumanization, lesser evil and the supreme emergency exemption Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Yitzhak Benbaji
Diametros 5 (September 2005) Democracy and its transcendence Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Paweł Kaczorowski
Diametros 24 (June 2010) Derrida and Wittgenstein: iterability and rule-following [In Polish] Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Piotr Skrzypczak
Diametros 25 (September 2010) Descriptions of facts and their assessment - from myth to the obvious (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Jan Wawrzyniak
Diametros 2 (December 2004) Did Achilles really exist? (1) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Paweł Łuków
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