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Diametros 3 (March 2005) Aesthetic discourse – recapitulations and prognoses Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Teresa Pękala
Diametros 3 (March 2005) Aesthetics and metaphysics Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Grzegorz Dziamski
Diametros 3 (March 2005) Aesthetics: philosophy and the sciences of culture Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Ewa Rewers
Diametros 4 (June 2005) Afterphilosophie Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Marek Trojanowski
Diametros 41 (September 2014) Ample Religious Freedom and the Fear of Islam Abstract   PDF
Anna Głąb
Diametros 50 (December 2016) An Aristotelian Naturalist Perspective on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration Abstract   PDF
Paolo Biondi
Diametros 23 (March 2010) Analytic philosophy: the desire for the truth and the temptation to doubt Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Ireneusz Ziemiński
Diametros 36 (June 2013) Animal body consciousness – who owns the body of an animal? (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Piotr Wronarowicz
Diametros 47 (March 2016) Aquinas and the Natural Habit of Synderesis: A Response to Celano Abstract   PDF
Lisa Holdsworth
Diametros 7 (March 2006) Are Ethical Norms Commands? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Jacek Wojtysiak
Diametros 22 (December 2009) Are meanings in the head? – Hillary Putnam’s "Twin Earth" thought experiment revisited Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Ryszard Philipp
Diametros 7 (March 2006) Are objective Good and Evil possible without God? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Stanisław Judycki
Diametros 12 (June 2007) Are tropes the exclusive possession of the theory of tropes? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Paweł Rojek
Diametros 19 (March 2009) Arguments in contemporary debates on bioethics Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Barbara Chyrowicz
Diametros 45 (September 2015) Aristotle and Principlism in Bioethics Abstract   PDF
Joseph Cimakasky, Ronald Polansky
Diametros 35 (March 2013) Aristotle and the pre-cosmic chaos (De cael. 3.2, 301a11-20) (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Maria Marcinkowska-Rosół
Diametros 50 (December 2016) Aristotle’s Account of Homonymy (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Mikołaj Domaradzki
Diametros 14 (December 2007) Aristotle’s Ecological Conception of Living Things and its Significance for Feminist Theory Abstract   PDF
Wendy Lynne Lee
Diametros 55 (March 2018) Armstrong’s Theory of the Laws of Nature Confronted with the Problems of Identification and Inference (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Joanna Luc
Diametros 45 (September 2015) ART and Age − Gender Stereotypes in Medical Students’ Views Abstract   PDF
Anna Alichniewicz, Monika Michałowska
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