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Diametros 33 (September 2012) On Coady's definition of terrorism (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Tomasz Kuniński
Diametros 46 (December 2015) On Freedom and Language in Jaspers' Understanding of Philosophy (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Maciej Urbanek
Diametros 31 (March 2012) On Jan Woleński’s „Epistemologia” – From the point of view of a mathematician (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Adam Roman
Diametros 22 (December 2009) On living testaments - a summary of the debate Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Marcin Śliwka
Diametros 2 (December 2004) On maxims, persons, and things Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Włodzimierz Galewicz
Diametros 39 (March 2014) On some (Hegelian) difficulties to be a Kantian in practice. A reader’s note Abstract   PDF
Anna Tomaszewska
Diametros 11 (March 2007) On the begining of culture with Rene Girard Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Marek Drwięga
Diametros 4 (June 2005) On the convenience of skepticism, political correctness, and other problems of philosophers (Reply to Prof. Wojciech Chudy) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Ireneusz Ziemiński
Diametros 11 (March 2007) On the Deprivation Account of the Evil of Death Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Jacek Malczewski
Diametros 16 (June 2008) On the immorality of abortion. The coherence of convictions, biological humanity, and just interest. Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Mateusz Klinowski
Diametros 19 (March 2009) On the research ethics Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Włodzimierz Galewicz
Diametros 19 (March 2009) On the use of research results contrary to their intended purpose Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Marek Czarkowski
Diametros 56 (June 2018) On Unjust Forms of Marriage. Comments on the Discussion on Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Waleszczyński
Diametros 18 (December 2008) Open theism: in search for a middle road in the philosophy of religion Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Piotr Kaszkowiak
Diametros 29 (September 2011) Out of mind, out of sight. Are minds of Asians and Westerners different? Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Krzysztof Mudyń
Diametros 23 (March 2010) Pacifism and moral theory Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Jeff McMahan
Diametros 6 (December 2005) Parę uwag na marginesie artykułu Pani Profesor Anny Lewickiej-Strzałeckiej Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Czesław Porębski
Diametros 32 (June 2012) Patenting human genes (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Gabriela Kawłatow
Diametros 41 (September 2014) Peirce and Wittgenstein on the Life of Signs (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Agnieszka Hensoldt
Diametros 24 (June 2010) Personalist ethics and the quadruple argument vs. the ethics of discourse [In Polish] Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Mariola Flis
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