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Diametros 2 (December 2004) Moral dilemmas. A contribution to the debate, with Plutarch in the background Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Jacek Jaśtal
Diametros 26 (December 2010) Moral disagreement concerning abortion Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Bernard Gert
Diametros 46 (December 2015) Moral Education from the Perspective of Virtue Ethics (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Natasza Szutta
Diametros 41 (September 2014) Moral Luck and Legal Luck (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Maciej Juzaszek
Diametros 26 (December 2010) Moral obligations towards our fellows and towards strangers – Who are we obliged to assist? (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Marta Soniewicka
Diametros 26 (December 2010) Moral rights to life, both natural and non-natural: reflections on James Griffin's account of human rights Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Hugh V. McLachlan
Diametros 5 (September 2005) Morality, reproduction, and homosexuality. A critical analysis of arguments against same-sex marriages Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Mateusz Klinowski
Diametros 6 (December 2005) Moralność i etyka w działalności gospodarczej Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Wojciech Zieliński
Diametros 6 (December 2005) Moralność i etyka w działalności gospodarczej (głos ostatni) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Wojciech Zieliński
Diametros 3 (March 2005) More (scientistic) smoke than (philosophical) fire Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Tadeusz Szubka
Diametros 1 (September 2004) Must man be cruel? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Włodzimierz Galewicz, Tadeusz Biesaga, Bogdan De Barbaro, Bartłomiej Dobroczyński, Jacek Filek, Romana Kolarzowa, Andrzej Leder, Stanisław Obirek, Ryszard Wiśniewski
Diametros 47 (March 2016) Narrative, Casuistry, and the Function of Conscience in Thomas Aquinas Abstract   PDF
Stephen Chanderbhan
Diametros 6 (December 2005) Naturalizm niekonsekwentny czy świadomy swoich ograniczeń? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Piotr Gutowski
Diametros 9 (September 2006) Nature and social consciousness. The threats posed by civilization and social awareness – local, regional and global dimensions Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Teresa Sołdra-Gwiżdż
Diametros 9 (September 2006) Nature as a norm for activity. The ontological foundations of ecological ethics Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Zbigniew Wróblewski
Diametros 45 (September 2015) Necessity and the physicalist account in Aristotle’s Physics. Difficulties with the rainfall example Abstract   PDF
Jarosław Olesiak
Diametros 5 (September 2005) Neo-Aristotelian Defense of Rights, or a Minimal State Approach Abstract   PDF
Dariusz Juruś
Diametros 55 (March 2018) Nicholas of Cusa’s Interpretation of the Category of Hidden God on the Basis of the Dialogue De Deo Abscondito (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Dorota Brylla
Diametros 16 (June 2008) Nicolai Hartmann's question about transcendence Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Wojciech Hanuszkiewicz
Diametros 2 (December 2004) Nietzsche and Heidegger – two experiences of nihilism Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Andrzej Kucner
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