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Diametros 29 (September 2011) Hilary Putnam's two functionalisms. A piece of history with a moral (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (In Polish)   PDF (Polski)
Witold Hensel
Diametros 22 (December 2009) Hospital Clinical Ethics Committees. The Geneva Experience - Switzerland Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Jean-Claude Chevrolet, Bara Ricou
Diametros 54 (December 2017) How “China” Created Europe. The Birth of the Enlightenment Secularism from the Spirit of Confucianism (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Dawid Rogacz
Diametros 16 (June 2008) How Burge avoids externalist equivocations Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Anna Rykowska
Diametros 51 (March 2017) How Important Numbers Are in Rescuing Lives. A Debate on John Taurek (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Barbara Chyrowicz
Diametros 40 (June 2014) How Radical Was the Enlightenment? What Do We Mean by Radical? Abstract   PDF
Margaret C. Jacob
Diametros 48 (June 2016) How To Get Rid of Closure Abstract   PDF
Mariusz Grygianiec
Diametros 34 (December 2012) How to understand the medical conscience clause? (in Polish) Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF (In Polish)
Włodzimierz Galewicz
Diametros 9 (September 2006) Human health in a changing environment – a practicing internist’s point of view Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Krzysztof Marczewski
Diametros 38 (December 2013) Human Rights Theory Rooted in the Writings of Thomas Aquinas Abstract   PDF
Anthony J. Lisska
Diametros 23 (March 2010) Humanitarian intervention - eight theories Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Steven P. Lee
Diametros 44 (June 2015) Hume, Justice and Sympathy: A Reversal of the Natural Order? Abstract   PDF
Sophie Botros
Diametros 54 (December 2017) Hume on Church Establishments, Secular Politics and History Abstract   PDF
Aaron Szymkowiak
Diametros 44 (June 2015) Hume's Humanity and the Protection of the Vulnerable Abstract   PDF
Ivana Zagorac
Diametros 24 (June 2010) Hume’s argument concerning induction – skeptical or explanatory? Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Paweł Miech
Diametros 7 (March 2006) I am a subject - or perhaps this is an illusion? Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Jacek Neckar
Diametros 7 (March 2006) Identity and free will Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Stanisław Judycki
Diametros 39 (March 2014) If God’s Existence is Unprovable, Then is Everything Permitted? Kant, Radical Agnosticism, and Morality Abstract   PDF
Robert Hanna
Diametros 2 (December 2004) Immanuel Kant’s practical philosophy – its strengths and weaknesses Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Andrzej M. Kaniowski
Diametros 23 (March 2010) In Defence of Guerrillas Abstract   PDF (Polski)   PDF
Uwe Steinhoff
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