Diametros 22 (December 2009)

Table of Contents

Special topic - Clinical Ethics Committees

Foreword from the Editor PDF
Redakcja ICF Diametros 1-2
The Issue of Expertise in Clinical Ethics PDF
George J. Agich 3-20
Hospital Clinical Ethics Committees. The Geneva Experience - Switzerland PDF
Jean-Claude Chevrolet, Bara Ricou 21-38
The 4-Step Approach. Ethics case discussion in hospitals PDF
Andrea Dörries 39-46
The development and function of Clinical Ethics Committees (CECs) in the United Kingdom PDF
Vic Larcher 47-63
Ethical conflicts at the end of life in the physician-patient relationship. Reflection in the context of the appointment of hospital ethics committees (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Marian Machinek 64-75
Clinical Ethics Consultation in the United Kingdom PDF
Sheila A.M. McLean 76-89
Clinical Ethics Committees and Pediatrics. An Evaluation of Case Consultations PDF
Tanja Ramsauer, Andreas Frewer 90-104
Quality Standards for Clinical Ethics Consultation PDF
Alfred Simon 105-115
The role of Clinical Ethics Committees PDF
Eleanor Updale 116-123
Physician-patient communication - a potential source of conflict (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)
Rafał S. Wnuk 124-133

Other articles

De re i de dicto PDF (In Polish)
Andrzej Cieśluk 134-150
Are meanings in the head? – Hillary Putnam’s "Twin Earth" thought experiment revisited PDF (In Polish)
Ryszard Philipp 151-159
Remarks on progress in philosophy PDF (In Polish)
Alicja Pietras 160-171


Biojurisprudence – a house built on sand or on rock? PDF (In Polish)
Oktawian Nawrot, Jerzy Zajadło 172-177

Discussions and reports

Report on the discussion of the Polish Bioethical Society about how to regulate the issue of surrogate motherhood? PDF (In Polish)
Marta Soniewicka 178-197
Bioethical Education in Poland - analysis of the problem, description of difficulties, and proposed tasks for the upcoming future PDF (In Polish)
Kazimierz Szewczyk 198-226
On living testaments - a summary of the debate PDF (In Polish)
Marcin Śliwka 227-241


Acknowledgements (in Polish) PDF (In Polish)