Diametros 9 (September 2006)

Table of Contents


Editorials PDF (In Polish)

Ecology and Ethics

The Issue of Argumentation Based on Responsibility from Future Generations PDF (In Polish)
Barbara Chyrowicz 1-22
The good of trees and the ecological reform of utilitarianism PDF (In Polish)
Włodzimierz Galewicz 23-33
Virtue ethics in the face of the challenges of environmental ethics: the dispute about the limits of naturalistic ethical discourse PDF (In Polish)
Jacek Jaśtal 34-50
Kantian duties towards nature: humans and other animals PDF (In Polish)
Paweł Łuków 51-73
Nature as a norm for activity. The ontological foundations of ecological ethics PDF (In Polish)
Zbigniew Wróblewski 74-83

Ecology and Human Condition

The idea of sustainable development as a project for a new universal civilization PDF (In Polish)
Leszek Gawor 84-104
Ecophilosophy and the environment PDF (In Polish)
Zbigniew Hull 105-115
The human condition as the basis for an instrumental attitude of man to the environment PDF (In Polish)
Zdzisława Piątek 116-125
The subjectivity of the Great Apes PDF (In Polish)
Robert Roczeń 126-135
Does eco-aesthetics exist? PDF (In Polish)
Krystyna Wilkoszewska 136-142

Ecology and Sociology

The environment from the point of view of society and sociology PDF (In Polish)
Krzysztof Frysztacki 143-147
Florian Znaniecki’s social ecology PDF (In Polish)
Jacek Leoński 148-152
Nature and social consciousness. The threats posed by civilization and social awareness – local, regional and global dimensions PDF (In Polish)
Teresa Sołdra-Gwiżdż 153-160

Ecology and Medicin

Human health in a changing environment – a practicing internist’s point of view PDF (In Polish)
Krzysztof Marczewski 161-164
Considerations on ecophilosophy: from ecology to astheneology PDF (In Polish)
Jarosław Sak 165-172
René Dubos, his new Hippocratic medicine, and the theology of the Earth PDF (In Polish)
Kazimierz Szewczyk 173-193

Ecology and Religion

The Jewish and Christian Conceptions of the Reality and the Environment PDF (In Polish)
Dariusz Łukasiewicz 194-211
Ecological spirituality – its value and limitations PDF (In Polish)
Konrad Waloszczyk 212-229