Complicating Conscience, Refreshing Discontent

Paul J. Medeiros

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Dr. Paul J. Medeiros
Department of Philosophy
Providence College
One Cunningham Square
Providence, Ri 02918


Paul Medeiros serves in areas of Ethics with Providence College, a Roman Catholic institution located in Rhode Island, USA.


The 19th Century New England author Thoreau provides an approach to conscience and unjust laws approximating that given by St. Thomas Aquinas in Summa Theologiae. But the portrait of conscience given by Thoreau in the 1848 oration “Civil Disobedience” is incomplete. Thoreau’s approach is solved by accepting insights given in Part I and Part I–II of Summa Theologiae. Allowing St. Thomas’ insights requires reform of Thoreau’s civil disobedience and conscientious objection. But Thoreau’s arguments are given new life.

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