Is the Apeiron a Substrate? The First Criticism of Anaximander’s Monism and Its Methodological Background (in Polish)

Maria Marcinkowska-Rosół

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Maria Marcinkowska-Rosół, PhD
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
Institute of Classical Philology
ul. Fredry 10
Pl-61-701 Poznań



The article deals with the oldest criticism of Anaximander’s monism, for which we have evidence, found in John Philoponus’ (6th century A.D.) commentary on the first book of Aristotle’s Physics (In Ph. 88.24-89.2). Philoponus’ argumentation is analytically examined and explained, its premises brought to light and its conclusions evaluated. It is shown how his inquiry, although anticipating modern discussions about the classification of Anaximander’s doctrine in terms of ‘monism’ and ‘pluralism’, differs from the contemporary approach to the problem when it comes to both results and methodology.

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